Friday, 2 October, 1998
panel2/ debate 1
Cultures of electronic networks
9.30 - 13.00 "Practice to Policy"
"Best Practice" models and institutions introduce themselves and deliver brief statements on current development Opportunities for art/cultural initiatives and artists to participate in EU programmes.
  • Structural problems of cultural practice in electronic networks
  • Relationship of the P2P Conference Practice to Policy to the Amsterdam Agenda.
  • Terhi Penttilä, MUU Media Base, Helsinki, FIN
    Caroline Nevejan, Society for Old and New Media, Amsterdam, NL
    Miklos Peternak, C3 Center for Culture & Communication,
    Budapest, H
    Marko Peljhan, Ljudmila, Ljubljana Digital Media Lab, SLO
    Pit Schultz, Nettime, Berlin, G
    Gerfried Stocker, Ars Electronica Center, Linz, A
    Marie Ringler, Public Netbase t0 Media Space, A
    Drazen Pantic, B 92, Belgrade, YU
    Eddie Berg, FACT Foundation for Art & Creative Technology, Liverpool, GB
    Lisa Haskel, Syndicate Network, London, GB
    Thorsten Schilling, micro lounge, Berlin, G
    Moderation: David Garcia, director of the MA Program in Interactive Design,
    Utrecht School of Art, NL
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