People, 1. -  3. October 1998
Terhi Penttila
Biography: Terhi Penttila was born in 1963 in Vehkalahti, Finland. She lives and works in Helsinki. Educated in fine arts; focusing into video- and conceptual art. Since 1995 specializing in online performance and communication art in the net. She also had run net art workshops at Muu Media Base and the Fine Arts Academy in Helsinki.
Institution: MUU

Muu is an artist run Finnish organisation for interdisciplinary arts, media arts, performance, video, environmental arts and other experimental modes of cultural production.

The aims of Muu are to develop the collaboration and interchange of artists working with different fields, to produce projects, events, seminars and exhibitions of the Muu (the Other) art fields and to arouse cultural political discussion. Muu operates with Finnish and international cultural and educational organisations.

Muu runs a gallery and a Media art workshop in the centre of Helsinki. Muu also realizes several events, exhibition exchanges, interdisciplinary art projects etc. yearly as Muu productions.

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Chairperson Kaarina Katajisto

Artists Association MUU

Muu Media Base

Open since October 1995, Muu Media Base is a Macintosh-platform for artists working with CD-ROM, WWW, digital image processing and audio. Artists are offered independent computer access, a variety of workshops and the possibility to do their own projects.

Access to MMB is free of charge for Muu members; access for non-members costs 350 FIM per 6 months. Included in our educational goals are workshops to provide both basic and specialized computer skills. Other workshops explore the artistic possibilities that are available through sound installation, interactive and Internet/WWW work.

Art and media schools in Finland provide their students with the latest technical equipment. However, after graduation, access to these tools ceases. Muu Media Base offers these facilities, room for experimentation and a planned environment for further education.

Muu Media Base has been supported by the Finnish Ministry of Culture and Education, Helsinki City Cultural office, Rikhardinkatu Library, Apple Finland, Mac & Carry and Pro Av Saarikko & Juselius.

MUU Media Base, Helsinki FIN

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