Friday, 2 October, 1998
panel 2
Cultures of electronic networks
Aim: Position paper
  • Skeleton conditions for production of art and culture in data networks 
  • Proportions of infrastructure for culture in the data networks 
  • Legal and economic context
It is intended that within the scope of the ”Cultures of Electronic Networks” panel representatives of selected Best Practice models together with representatives from EU institutions and EU member countries should discuss various models and devise proposals for policy and administration. 

As also set out in the European Union position papers, art and culture on the Internet must benefit from structural policy measures. However, this is only possible in an environment which is appropriate both from the technical point of view and that of content. Thus the creation of independent and flexible platforms of critical media intelligence acquires particular significance, just as standards of electronic communication are subject to constant change.

These cultural interfaces between new media, culture and science - which will be represented on the panel as selected Best Practice models - are already performing outstanding and important work. It is the aim of this panel to increase their visibility, to visualise specific working methods and problems and to provide an insight into this ”new media practice”.

The following points and questions are to be addressed in particular:

  • What does ”Cultures of electronic networks” mean? What does this new practice in culture production look like? What are its strengths? 
  • Where are the existing structural failings (economic, infrastructure and legal), which the Best Practice models introduced have to combat? And how can these be remedied? 
  • How can the so-called Best Practice models be integrated into the EUís promotional structures? What policy changes are necessary for this? 
Objectives: retrospective and determination of the current conditions of work and elaboration of up-to-date position papers.
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