People, 1. -  3. October 1998
Biography: Born 1969 in Nova Gorica, lives in Ljubljana.
1988-1992 studies at the academy for theatre, radio, film and television in Ljubljana
1992 - foundation of arts organisation PROJEKT ATOL
1995 - foundation of technological branch PACT SYSTEMS

From 1989 on work and presentations in diverse media (performance, theatre, video, film, telecommunications, networks), lectures, exhibitions and situations. Among others, works presented at documenta X-Kassel, Ars Electronica 98-Linz, Manifesta II.-Luxembourg, Antwerpen 93', Gallery of Modern Art Ljubljana, Museum of Modern Art Zagreb, Johannesburg Biennale. Among others lectures given at the University of Ljubljana, Northwestern University, the Royal Insitution, Sydney University, KIT Trondheim, University of Tasmania, V2, Public Netbase, Isea 94.

From 1996 programs coordinator of LJUDMILA-ljubljana digital media lab responsible primarily for education and the hardware lab development and coorganiser of the Beauty and the East nettime conference in Ljubljana, May 1997.
Coeditor and author of art&technology and performance oriented publications and articles.

Institution: Few discrete topics will be discussed during the presentation of LJUDMILA and related activities:

  • open access digital media policies and history of the situation in Ljubljana
  • problems of content development strategies
  • technology and content integrative moments
  • new possible financing and production strategies with focus on post Soros problems
  • specifics of the "eastern" viewpoint regarding financing and fiscal policies
  • network tactical and strategic partnership proposals
  • exchange policies and dynamics (from experience to vision)
  • new networking technological solution proposals with the presentation of the Insular Technologies HF slow speed voice and data secure network
Emphasis will be given on already developed content available on LJUDMILA servers, and possible new partnership developments.
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