People, 1. -  3. October 1998
Thorsten Schilling
Biography: Thorsten Schilling (* 1960 in Dresden) founder and president of mikro, Association for the Cultivation of Media Cultures (Verein zur Pflege von Medienkulturen), Berlin. He also freelances as project developer and PR consultant (including ZDF, context m) in Berlin. He studied philosophy/Marxism-Leninism at the Karl-Marx University in Leipzig. In 1983, he and Judy Lybke founded the gallery "Eigen+Art". In 1989, he was expelled from the GDR and moved to West Berlin. In 1990, he became press spokesman for the municipal authorities of East Berlin and in 1991 press spokesman for the Senator of Youth and Family Affairs at the Berlin Senate. !995, he became project manager of the gallery "Eigen+Art". Projects also in London, San Francisco, and Chicago. He developed projects on architecture-related art (i.a. in Saxony LB Leipzig). Project manager for contemporary art at the 1996 Biennale in Berlin and 1997. Among other projects, he, Geert Lovink, and Pit Schultz managed the "Hybrid Workspace" documenta X. In 1988, he founded mikro e.V., association for the cultivation of media cultures in Berlin (president). Current projects include mikro lounges and days 98.
Institution: mikro.self

micro is a new initiative to support the manifestation of media cultures in Berlin. It is an open and independent platform. Micro initiates and realises projects, discussions, events, exhibitions, publications and other activities.

Micro was established in Berlin in the beginning of March 1998. Micro is a junction for long-standing informal networks of internationally active media theoreticians and activists from various areas. Micro is also a micro-organisation (, a minimal system with a maximal environment.

Micro may be described as a transdisciplinary forum whose purpose is to localise global discussions into the context of Berlin. Micro is a catalytic agent and a platform for micro.cultures, micro.economies and micro.politics and radical pragmatism.

Micro organises regular events such as micro.lounges and initiates larger projects such as net.radiodays Berlin in June 1998. A long-term goal of micro is the co-operative creation of infrastructures that are available to all interested persons. Micro feels committed to the concept of the public domain.

Micro is in favour of a critical, detailed confrontation with the cultural, social and political consequences of the application of new media and technology.

Mikro.lounges im WMF &

Maerz: Elektronische Einsamkeit
April: Echelon und Ueberwachungsysteme
Mai: Gamez
Juni: Days 98 (4 Tage)
Juli: Geschlecht im Netz
August: Sommergartenfest
September: Immaterielle Arbeit
Oktober: sonic.outlaws
November: Netz.Stadt
Dezember: Netz.Kunst

Next Steps:

  • Schaffung eines Raumes (Bar, Bibliothek, Bandwidth, Buero)
  • Groessere Veranstaltung zu Betriebsystemen
  • Syndicate Meeting
  • Nettime-d Relaunch / Newsletter
  • Workshop zu 'net-economies'
  • The Wizards of OS. Betriebssysteme der Systemgesellschaft
  • Mitgliederwerbung, Foerdermittel, Partnerschaften
  • Einmischung in Berliner Medienpolitik
  • viele kleinere inoffizielle Treffen
  • Berliner Elektronik (Netzradio)
  • Einladung ueberregionaler und internationaler Intitiativen
  • mikro.self
    panel 2 debate 1