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David Garcia
Biography: David Garcia visual artist, conference organiser, critic and teacher. Resident in the Netherlands since 1979 during which time he has combined making personal installations, video tapes and TV programs with organizing public events in the form of conferences and exhibitions. In 1983 a Founder members of Amsterdam's Time Based Arts and creator of a number of high profile international conferences (beginning with Talking Back to the Media in 1985) which explore ways in which live events and public debate can be enhanced by combined them with television, radio and computer networks.
Initiator of The Next 5 Minutes (94/96/99), a series of international conferences and exhibitions on electronic communications and political culture.He also directs the MA program in Interactive Design of the Utrecht School of Arts.
Collectively these projects have played an significant part in developing the unique character of the Amsterdam's community access media environment.
Selected Exhibitions: 1983 Electra 83, Musee d'Art Moderne, Paris, France.
1984 Montreal Film Festival, Montreal, Canada
1985 Wat Amsterdam Betreft, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Netherlands.
1986 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
1988 Institute of Contemporary Art, London, England.
1991 You Can't Touch This, Hands on, Hands Off, Fodor Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
1993 Initiated The NEXT 5 MINUTES, conference on "tactical media".
1994 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Netherlands.
1995 Stedelijk Museum, Bureau Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
1996 Initiated and organisation of NEXT 5 MINUTES (2)
1996 Screening at Rialto, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1996, ICA, London, England
1996, National Film Theatre, London, England.
1996 Metaforum Conference, Budapest, Hungary.
1996 Institute of Contemporary Arts, Antwerp, Belgium.
1997 Screenings and Lecture with Hybrid Workspace in Dokumenta Halle, Dokumenta, Kassel, Germany.
1997 Interstanding Conference, Tallinn, Estonia
1998 ICA London
1998 ISEA, Manchester.
Institution: Utrecht School of Arts

The MA in Interactive Multimedia of the Utrecht school of Art is a program that aims to cope with the demand of the media industry for an integrated use of design in all kinds of media products , linked to the developments of digital technologies (for instance software applications, CD-ROM, internet, dynamic data-base driven web sites, application languages).
The MA uses and researches these new techniques: a global aim of this MA is to train young professionals with a design background in the area of image technology, multimedia and audiovisual production using new digital techniques.

Utrecht School of Arts
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