Friday, 2 October, 1998
panel2/ debate 3
Cultures of electronic networks
17.00 - 18.30 "Public Sphere and the Electronic Arts"
Cultural components of ICT Policies and European Union Programmes and infrastructure shares for culture. Public media networks and free access for art in the electronic sphere as a challenge for culture and technology policy.
Panel discussion: Leon Van Noorden, European Commission, DGXIII
Sally Jane Norman, Cultural theoretician, Paris / ZKM Karlsruhe, G
Steven Kurtz, Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, USA
(Debate 2+3):
Konrad Becker, Public Netbase t0 Media~Space!, Vienna, A
Andreas Broeckmann, V2-Organisation,  Rotterdam, G/NL
Rapporteurs: Marleen Stikker, Society for Old and New Media, Amsterdam, NL
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