People, 1. -  3. October 1998
Andreas Broeckmann
Biography: Andreas Broeckmann (*1964) who currently lives in Berlin and Rotterdam, studied art history, sociology and media studies in Bochum/D, Berlin/D, and Norwich/UK. He received a PhD from the University of East Anglia, Norwich/UK, writing an extensive study about the use of portrait photography in the 19th-century human sciences ("A Visual Economy of Individuals," 1995, unpublished). Since 1995 he has been working as a project manager at V2_Organisation, a Rotterdam-based centre for art and media technology, where he has co-curated programmes for the Dutch Electronic Art Festival and the Next 5 Minutes: Tactical Media conference. He is maintaining the V2_East/Syndicate mailing list on the internet which distributes information about electronic arts events among more than seventy artists, curators and institutions in most European countries, incl. many in Central and Eastern Europe. In his recent work he is developing ideas for a 'machinic' aesthetics of media art.
Institution: V2_Organisation Rotterdam

V2_Organisation, also known as the Institute for the Unstable Media, is an interdisciplinary centre for art and media technology that was set up in 1981 and that from the outset has been run by a group of artists. Since 1994, V2_Organisation has been based in a building in the centre of Rotterdam. It is mostly young artists who here develop and present their work with electronic media like robotics, virtual reality and the internet. V2 presents art which is no longer geared at objects, but that behaves as an interactive and dynamic system in which the relation between art work, artist and audience is distinctly different from what we are normally used to in the arts. It shows art which responds to a shifting view of the world, a world which changes from what is constant to what is variable, a world in which instability is perceived as a creative element.

V2_Organisation currently consists of four departments. Firstly, there are the public presentations which are organised in collaboration with many national and international artists and institutions. The most important of these presentations is, secondly, the bi-annual Dutch Electronic Art Festival, DEAF, which will next be held in November 1998. The third department, the V2_Lab, is a workshop for independent research and development in the field of digital art. And forthly, there is the V2_Archive with a book- and recordshop. Here you can find all sorts of data carriers, from audiotapes to CDs, and from books and magazines to CD ROMs. This material often serves as background information for the other activities.

In January 1996, the V2_East initiative was started. It is directed at the developments of art and media technology in Eastern Europe. The aim is the building-up of an information network between institutions and individuals who are busy in this field, and to stimulate, initiate and develop cooperations between Western and Eastern media artists.

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