People, 1. -  3. October 1998
Marleen Stikker
Biography: After studying Philosophy she in 1985 founded Alligator, Performance & Art Magazine. She was director of multimedia art festival Zomerfestijn Amsterdam in 1990 and 1991 and organiser of the Wetware Conference (on hardware, software and physical interaction).
For political/ cultural centre De Balie, she organised programmes on technological culture (1992-1994) like LIVE MAGAZINE. In 1993 Marleen Stikker initiated De Digitale Stad/ The Digital City, of which she was director untill 1995 and is currently president of the board. Together with Caroline Nevejan (formerly of Paradiso) in 1994 she founded The Society for Old and New Media.
She is member of Virtueel Platform, an advisory body on Arts and New Media Policy to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, ATR, the Amsterdam Telematica Council and the consultative body BVE Net for Professional and Adult Education Network of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Further she is board member of SALTO, the foundation for Amsterdam Local Television, TIES (Transatlantic Exchange Service) and Kunsten '92 (Arts '92). As an advisor Marleen Stikker is involved in working group Culture, Communication and New Technologies of the Council of Europe and the Charter for Art and Industry.
Institution: Marleen Stikker is director of The Society for Old and New Media, which is a cultural research and development organisation for public technology. The Society develops communication and information systems for use in educational, commercial and cultural processes.
Central to the Society is the notion that technology that is being developed supports the cultural, social and economic growth of the individual.
Characteristic of the method of the Society for Old and New Media is the fundamental research into the public acceptance of new technology and the central role of users in the design process. This design process is being shaped interdisciplinary by scientists, designers, artists and software architects.
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