People, 1. -  3. October 1998
Biography: b. 1956, Esztergom, Hungary;
1981, degree in History and Art History, ELTE University, Budapest,
1981-87, member of the Balázs Béla Stúdió, Budapest
1981-83, Hungarian National Gallery
1983-87, The Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Institute for Art History,
1991- Department Chair at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Intermedia Dept.
1994, PhD, Art and Science - New media
1996-97 Chair of the Board of C3 (Center for Culture and Comunication - Soros Foundation Hungary)
1997- Director of C3

lives and works in Budapest, Hungary
Institution: C3

Center for Culture & Communication
Kulturális és Kommunikációs Központ
Soros Foundation / Soros Alapítvány
Országház utca 9, Budapest H- 1014
T:36.1. 214-6856 F: 36.1.214-6872

A new initiative, C3: Center for Culture & Communication, was opened on June 26, 1996 as a result of the collaboration between the Soros Foundation Hungary, Silicon Graphics Hungarian Liaison Office and MATÁV, Hungarian Telecommunications Company, C3 facilitates the expanded exploration of digital media technology, encourages creative usage of the Internet and functions as a public forum for debate and innovation regarding communication and culture. C3 serves as a research center and media lab, resource facility, Internet provider and public access Internet lab, operating a multidisciplinary arts and culture program, internet radio, exhibition gallery, and runs various educational and grants programs dealing with the Internet and new media art technologies. C3 incorporates the programs of the SCCA (Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Budapest).

C3's commitment, first and foremost, is to content, quality, and artistic creativity and integrity. C3 functions as a thought-provoking, public center that encourages debate and allows for the free exchange of information on a range of issues insufficiently explored in the public and commercial realm, promoting connections and cooperation nationally and internationally.

C3 behaves essentially as an interdisciplinary interface for the expanded exploration and creative development of digital media technology. As a Center investigating both media archaeology and the potentialities of new technology, C3 provides access to intellectual material as well as to various high-powered computers through which the general public and specialists are introduced to an exploration of the future.

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