Friday, 2 October, 1998
panel 3/ debate 3
Repositioning of culture in employment context. 
Informal knowledge cultures
15.00 - 18.30 "Culture in the context of employment policies. 
Which framework conditions do we need for new
jobs in the cultural sector?"
Discussion of the European employment strategy based 
on the working paper "Culture; culture industry and employment" 
of the European Commission, DG V.
Panel discussion: Natalie Labourdette, European Commission, DG X
Gerda Mira Loewen, European Commission, DG V
Michael Söndermann, ARKStat, G
Bernard H. Casey, European Institute, London School of
Economics, GB
Matthias Karmasin, pollster, Vienna, A
Moderation: Bernd Marin, European Center for Social Welfare Policy
and Research, Vienna, A
Rapporteurs: Ritva Mitchell, Arts Council, FIN 
Kate Willard, Independent European Cultural Expert, F
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