People, 1. -  3. October 1998
Kate Willard
Independant European Cultural Expert, F
Biography: Kate Willard is an Independant European Cultural Expert. She has been working for over fifteen years in European cultural affairs. She was a Director at Common Stock in London, Associate Director at the Liverpool Playhouse and then Founder Director of Brouhaha International in 1989. She has worked extensively as an expert with the European Commission in the field of culture and local, economic and regional development, education and training and employment. She was Director of the recent "Working Culture" conference in London which debated employment practices and policies in the cultural sector in Europe. She is a member of, the Scientific Council of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions and lectures widely on a range of subjects related to the European cultural industries. Amongst other projects, she is currently working with the CyberCinema project in Babelsberg and is Director of "A Working Culture II" which will be held in Berlin, June 1999.
panel 3 Rapporteur