People, 1. -  3. October 1998
Matthias Karmasin
Abstract: The culture industry as a production factor An analysis of the culture industry, especially from a media economics point of view, will reveal that culture is to be regarded as an original and derivative production factor. Culture is to be regarded as a dual economic commodity and thus as a "more or less public" commodity. An accurate definition is required within the European Union. Accordingly, a clear, orderly frame of design defining the relationship between public and private goods is needed. A delineation of the conditions under which production must take place is also required. Based on these data, an analysis of the occupational impulses that may be expected in the employment market has to be carried out.
Biography: Matthias Karmasin (* 1964 in Vienna) is consultant and project leader (publishing manager, media consulting, corporate consulting) at the corporate consulting business Nausner & Nausner, Vienna/Graz. He studied journalism and communication sciences, political sciences, philosophy, and business management. Since 1990, he has been university assistant at the Philosophy Department of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. His main areas of research are cultural theory, media ethics, business ethics, media economy. He teaches at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, the Vienna University, the Klagenfurt University, and the University of Vermont (UVM Burlington), Vermont, USA. Furthermore, he is faculty member of the IMBA WU-Wien/USC (University of South Carolina). From September 1997 to September 1998, he was a participant of the project "Scientists for Economy".

Selected Publications:

Ethik als Gewinn. Zur ethischen Rekonstruktion der Ökonomie; Konzepte und Analysen von Wirtschafts-, Unternehmens- und Führungsethik. Vienna, 1996;

Journalismus: Beruf ohne Moral?/Journalistisches Berufshandeln in Österreich (foreword by Wolfgang R. Langbucher), Vienna, 1996;

together with Karmasin, Helene: Cultural Theory - Ein neuer Ansatz für Kommunikation, Marketing und Management (foreword by Mary Douglas) Vienna, 1997;

Medienökonomie als Theorie (massen-)medialer Kommunikation. Kommunikationsökonomie und Stakeholdertheorie, Vienna/Graz, 1998

Institution: Nausner & Nausner Consulting, A
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