People, 1. -  3. October 1998
Gerda Neyer
Abstract: The transformation of paid labour

In recent years, changes occurring on the European labour market have radically questioned paid labour, a basic principle that has been applicable since the 18th century in European societies. The transformations in paid labour, commonly referred to in terms such as restructuring, globalisation, flexibilisation, deregulation, precarisation, individualisation, etc. is not restricted merely to its structure, form, venue, and extent; the radical change of "material" labour went hand in hand with radical alterations of its concepts and significance for the social, political, cultural order of industrial societies. This paper intends to highlight several aspects of paid labour, its ethnocentrist, nationalistic, and sexist concepts as well as the significance of the "paid labour" paradigm for political culture within the global context.

Biography: Gerda Neyer studied mathematics and English language and literature at the University of Innsbruck; she studied political science, history, and philosophy at the University of Vienna; post-graduate studies at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna. Study and research stays in the USA, Switzerland, and England. She teaches at the Universities of Innsbruck, Salzburg, and Vienna. Employed as scientist at the Institute for Demography at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. From 1997 to 1998, guest professor at Stanford University; 1998/99, visiting scholar at the Institute for International Studies, Stanford University.

Numerous research projects and publications in the field of social, labour-market, migration, and gender policies, as well as emigration from Austria (ed. jointly with Traude Horvath), Vienna 1996;

FeMale: Geschlechterkonstruktionen in der Sozialpolitik. Das Beispiel der Lohnarbeitsmarkt- und Sozialpolitikformierung in Österreich im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert, in: Kreisky, E.,B.Sauer (ed.): Das geheime Glossar der Politikwissenschaft, Frankfurt 1997;

Dilemmas der Sozialpolitik, Feministische Betrachtungen über Sozialstaat und Sozialstaatlichkeit, in Kreisky E., B. Sauer (ed); Geschlecht und Eigensinn, Vienna 1998.

Institution: Institute for International Studies, Stanford University, USA/A
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