People, 1. -  3. October 1998
Heide Grundmann

Heide Grundmann has worked as cultural reporter, art and theatre critic, editor and program producer at the ORF (Austrian National Radio/TV) for over 25 years. In1987 she created the radio program KUNSTRADIO-RADIOKUNST (original artworks for radio) which she still curates. KUNSTRADIO is a 40 minute program broadcast weekly on 1, the cultural channel of the ORF. Since the beginning of 1995 KUNSTRADIO has its own homepage:, which is the site of many art projects and live webcasts.

Heide Grundmann was involved in many telematic art projects like "REALTIME" (1993), a live interactive work for radio and television, "ZEITGLEICH" (Hall-in-Tirol, June-Sept. 1994), a symposium, seminar and exhibition (organised and curated by H.G.), "HORIZONTAL RADIO", a live 24 hour multi-media radio project (1995), and its successor RIVERS&BRIDGES (1996). In 1997 Heidi Grundmann has curated "RECYCLING THE FUTURE", an exploration of on air- on line - on site art-production and its theoretical implications (Hybrid Workspace, DX, Kassel; Ars Electronica, Linz; international symposion, Vienna.) In 1998 she curated "IMMERSIVE SOUND", an 6 week long on site-on line-on air installation (Kunst in der Stadt II, Bregenz, Austria) and STATIC BETWEEN THE STATIONS (OPEN X at the Ars Electronica Festival'98, Linz), a project that coproduced ARS RADIO, a non-stop on air-on line-festivalradio, with RADIO FRO, Linz.

In addition to her work in radio, Heide Grundmann lectures and writes on art and new media and has organized and curated many symposia and exhibitions related to art practice in the electronic media - especially radio, TV and the internet. She was a member of the Berlin DAAD jury for music and the Austrian federal jury for visual arts and is just concluding her second term as coordinator of "Ars Acustica", the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) working group on radio art.

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