People, 1. -  3. October 1998
Rob Young
Statement: At the conference, I will draw on my experience with a contemporary music magazine to address the question of how the media can deal with music when it becomes invisible, and offer some advice to our competitors.

I have been Deputy Editor of The Wire since 1994. The Wire is the leading international magazine of non-mainstream music, covering new developments in contemporary sound including Electronica, avant rock, free jazz and improvisation, contemporary classical, global music, drum 'n' bass, breakbeat and many points in between. With a team of some of the best music critics in the world, including Simon Reynolds, Kodwo Eshun, Biba Kopf, David Toop, Ian Penman, etc, we draw a completely dfifferent map of current music from the normal media hype.

Although interested in many types of music, I specialise in electronic music and have written articles on the Cologne A-Musik scene, reviewed Vienna's Phonotaktik (95) and in August 97 a cover story on the Vienna underground (the fact that we did it was the subject of articles in a couple of newspapers in Austria afterwards).

I have promoted experimental music events and clubs in London, including Transgressions (94) and the monthly club Scratch, and hosted panels on the Future of Music and Women in Electronic Culture at Sonar Festival in Barcelona. Other writings include contributions to Volume, Falter, programme notes for Steirischer Herbst festival (98); catalogue notes for Polyfoto (an exhibition of installations by Carsten Nicolai/Rastermusic/Noton), and a chapter on music concrete/electroacoustic history for forthcoming book accompanying the film Modulations.

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