People, 1. -  3. October 1998
Peter Curman

What is going to happen to the book in the era of the Digital Revolution? Will it be replaced by computers and new electronic equipment? Will the book of tomorrow be a handy, rechargable tool with an enormous memory that will allow you to store several titles -- perhaps hundreds of titles -- on a micro-super hard disk? Will public libraries be converted to museums for the books of the past? Will our children look upon our books the way we regard rolls of parchment from ancient times? Technological developments in the digital field of communication provoke such questions.

But Peter Curman believes in the paper book. The new technology is just a tool to secure the life of the beloved book. Thanks to new pringting methods like Print-on-demand it is now possible to produce and distribute books in small edition. Thanks to Internet and e-mail new literary markets have already opened. In addition to Frankfurt bookfair there are new fairs on the net created by authors and new publishing houses. But it is important that this new technique is used also by in the book stores and in the libraries. In Sweden a new publishing house, PODIUM, has started as a result of a cooperation between writers, booksellers, librariens, and printers.

  • The new technique is here, says Peter Curman, if we don´t use it others will take over! During the last year he has been travelling round the world to discuss Print-on-demand with writers and publishers.
  • There is no doubt. The digital revolution is here! And it will not threaten the traditional paper book but give new life to Gutenberg!
  • Biography: Born in Stockholm in 1941.
    Author and journalist. Travel guide in Rhodes 1963-1966.
    Début in 1965 with poetry collection OBS! Viktigt! (N.B! Important!) In the same year C, in conjunction with Ingemar Lindahl, translated John Lennon's nonsense verse "In his own write". Since the some 12 books of poetry.
    Together with the authors Gösta Friberg and Siv Arb C, in 1967, initiated The Author's Centre, contact point for Swedish authors.
    Joint editor 1970-1971 of the socio-political magazine "R".
    1981-1983 head of the culture section of Stockholm morning daily Stockholms-Tidningen.
    1983-1986 head of culture section of evening daily Aftonbladet.
    1987-1996 President of Swedish Writers´ Union. Initiator of the historical internatinal cruise "Waves of the Baltic Sea" in 1992, which resulted in the creation of The Baltic Writer's and Translator's Centre on the island of Gotland, and of a similar Black Sea Cruise - "Waves of the Black Sea"- resulting in the International Writers' and Translator's Centre of Rhodes. Since 1995 chairman of KLYS, the Swedish Joint Committee for Artistic and Literary Professionals.
    From 1997 member of the board of the National Council for Cultural Affairs.
    Initiator of the new digital printing house PODIUM
    Peter Curman
    Institution: PODIUM
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