People, 1. -  3. October 1998
Johan Galtung
Biography: Johan Galtung is one of the great figures in Peace Studies. Born in 1930 in Norway he holds advanced degrees in both mathematics and sociology. In 1959 he established the first peace research institute, the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo and served as its director for ten years. He was Professor of Conflict and Peace Research at the University of Oslo from 1969-1977 and founded the Journal of Peace Research and the Inter- University Center in Dubrovnik Yugoslavia. Johan Galtung has consulted with virtually every United Nations agency and has served as a visiting professor on five continents including work at Columbia Duke and Princeton Universities in the United States and universities in Japan, China India and Malaysia. He is currently Professor of Peace Studies at the University of Hawaii and is director of TRANSCEND: A Peace and Development Network; in 1987 he was awarded with the Alternative Nobel Peace Price. His prodigious output includes 50 books and more than 1 000 published articles, many of the articles substantial monographs. He has had an immense impact on the discipline of Peace Studies as a thinker, writer, lecturer, consultant, and activist.
Selected publications: The Way is the Goal: Gandhi Today, Ahmedabad 1992/98)
Global Glasnost (with Rick Vincent), New Jersey, 1992
JA; til Norge, Norden, hele Europa, hele Verden (with Dag Poleszynski and Olav Benestad), Oslo 1992
Buddhism: A Quest for Unity and Peace, Colombo, 1993
Eurotopia: Die Zukunft eines Kontinents, Vienna 1993
Nach dem kalten Krieg: Jesus oder Barrabas (with Erwin Koller) Zurich 1993
Human Rights in Another Key, Cambridge 1994
Menschenrechte anders gesehen, Frankfurt/Main 1994
Peace by Peaceful Means, London, New Delhi, 1996
Der Preis der Modernisierung. Struktur und Kultur im Weltsystem, Wien 1997
Conflict Transformation by Peaceful Means, United Nations 1998